Ronie Kendig’s Crown of Souls Legacy Hunt

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Hello, Rapid-Fire Reader/Hunters!

You have officially entered the dangerous territory of the hunt for the legacies of the crown. Be sure to move swiftly through the clues and sites (there are three others) and avoid Alec and his team. At each site, note WHOSE SITE you’re at and WHAT LEGACY (gem) they’re protecting.

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The grand finale

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Football season is over. 

I think we need to pause here for a moment of silence, of mourning…of WARMTH.

It was getting COLD sitting out there in the stands. 

But my boys are worth it. 

However, it was with great sadness that I couldn’t attend the final game of the season – the first playoff game. 

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Writing is the loneliest word…(okay, there was a tune in my head there – sorry!)  Seriously though – Writing is just about you, and the screen.  And the voices in your head.  Too many voices, sometimes.  And after you’ve sat on your backside for eight hours, or more, well, sometimes you go looking for inspiration.

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