He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

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We’re still playing football here in Minnesota.  In fact, today is our Section Finals.  Three more games after this, and we win the state championship. (Just sayin’!)

But I’m not looking ahead to that.  I’m looking behind, to see what we accomplished.

My middle son started playing football in 5th grade – way  behind other kids in other schools because we simply didn’t have a football program at that time. 

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Way to bring it, Noah.

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It’s no secret that I’m crazy about football.  It’s such a courageous sport, regardless of what level you’re at. I’m especially nuts about small town, high school football. Our program is staffed by amazing coaches who believe that football is about molding men.


I often brag (yes, I admit it’s bragging) about my son,

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Why I love basketball

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Let’s not get confused here. I didn’t take a sudden mid-air hit and change sports. I have football in my bones.


As do my sons.


Works well for me, because they both play football for our local high school team.  I lose my mind with joy between the months of August and November. 

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Every year, we have a Mandatory Warren Event (I call them MWEs) at the start of football season. I require the attendance of my extended family at the Warren house in the Woods for our small town football season opener at home. It’s a weekend of chaos and eating and campfires by the lake, and touch football in the backyard (although my daughter seems to think it’s TACKLE MOM football. 

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The grand finale

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Football season is over. 

I think we need to pause here for a moment of silence, of mourning…of WARMTH.

It was getting COLD sitting out there in the stands. 

But my boys are worth it. 

However, it was with great sadness that I couldn’t attend the final game of the season – the first playoff game. 

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Bring it.

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Bring it, baby

I am a football mom.

I love being a football mom. I go to every game I can, even if it is four hours away. I sit in the rain, the snow, the sleet and I sing the school song.  I ice bruises and layer on antibiotic to cuts. 

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