Freedom & the Fourth!

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Hey friends!

We had a wonderful time as a family celebrating 4th of July a couple of weeks ago. It always gets me thinking…about hot dogs, fireworks and watermelons! And, for we Americans, being grateful we live in a country where we’re free to share our opinions, and believe in the right for us to have them.

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Life in Russia

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I always knew God had called me into a life of ministry—especially missions work. I just had a hard time saying yes! But when I did at age twenty-two, God put a handsome man into my life and defined the call to Russia. As a child, I loved to read stories of the martyrs in Russia,

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The grand finale

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Football season is over. 

I think we need to pause here for a moment of silence, of mourning…of WARMTH.

It was getting COLD sitting out there in the stands. 

But my boys are worth it. 

However, it was with great sadness that I couldn’t attend the final game of the season – the first playoff game. 

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Nastia in my heart

Susan Life in Russia

Is it already Saturday? Where has this week gone? I spent it, I think, in my comfy chair writing a new book. I joke that this is hermit mode…when my kids eat Ramen noodles and turn their brains to mush on television. But last night, we packed up our sleeping bags and went down to Lake Superior,

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