10 Things I Love about Warren Christmas

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Christmas is less than two weeks away.


With Thanksgiving falling so late, I’m feeling a little as if I’m on a toboggan, whooshing down a hill, headed for a jump—and I’m still trying to get my feet in the sled.

I’ll be honest. I probably won’t get any Christmas cards written.

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How to Be Happy

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How to be happy, a little more, every day.

Being a mother of grown children took me by surprise. One minute, they were on my lap, giving me gooey kisses. The next, driving away, waving, smart, beautiful, capable adults.

I’ve already mentioned how I felt a little duped by the fact that if I grew them up to be responsible children .

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I Have Come Upon a Terrible Truth

Susan Just for Fun, Scribbles

I have come upon a terrible truth.

A great parent trains their children to leave them.

I’m not sure why this didn’t click with me before. I mean, since birth—hello—my kids have been leaving me.

I tried—oh, I tried, to extract promises that they’d live with me forever. In fact,

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