Who I’m rooting for!

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So…whoya rootin’ for???

I know this won’t come as a huge shock to you, but I’m highly addicted to football. All versions, from high school to college to pro…and especially the Minnesota Vikings, my home team. I’ve been a huge fan all my life (and it’s not easy to be a Vikings fan,

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Are you a superwoman?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Okay, YES! I realize it’s not thanksgiving yet, but on T-day I’ll be hanging out with this cutie pie. Who is on her way to grandmother’s house, over the hills we go…! (in her cute wheels).

Today, I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom. Doing laundry. Making beds.

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Ronie Kendig’s Crown of Souls Legacy Hunt

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Hello, Rapid-Fire Reader/Hunters!

You have officially entered the dangerous territory of the hunt for the legacies of the crown. Be sure to move swiftly through the clues and sites (there are three others) and avoid Alec and his team. At each site, note WHOSE SITE you’re at and WHAT LEGACY (gem) they’re protecting.

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Two babies on the way…

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Hey friends!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic summer! I’ve spent it travelling—got to meet some of my Susie May Superstars in Cincinnati at the Christian Romance Readers retreat. Super fun to hang out with my reader friends!!

I’m ending my summer with an Epic Warren weekend…We’re going to hang out at the Minnesota State Fair (there may be a bucket of cookies involved!)

And go boating on the lake.

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Freedom & the Fourth!

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Hey friends!

We had a wonderful time as a family celebrating 4th of July a couple of weeks ago. It always gets me thinking…about hot dogs, fireworks and watermelons! And, for we Americans, being grateful we live in a country where we’re free to share our opinions, and believe in the right for us to have them.

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Summer, sailors, and snowboarding!

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Summer is here! I’m so ready for sunny days and balmy nights.

It’s been a busy month! I hosted Memorial Day Madness weekend at the Warrens, and my sailor, Pete, flew in from Norfolk to hang out with us. Just in time for me to see this:

(he’s single,

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Making a splash!

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Did you know that I’ve been in Florida, getting NOT eaten by a shark, but earning my Open Water Divers certificate.

For those who knew, thank you for all your prayers and warm wishes—Here’s my newly minted card!

But it wasn’t without a bit of,

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