Simplify and Savor: Hope

Susan Thoughts on God

If you’ve read my story, Evergreen, you know I lost a child sixteen years ago through miscarriage. Regardless of how many years pass, you never forget (Susan May Warren, the author of Evergreen used her own experiences with miscarriage (4 of them) as she penned my story.)


Here’s a glimpse into my journal as God comforted me.

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A quote from Evergreen…

Susan Books

Hey! Ingrid here, and while I was surfing Pinterest, I found some fantastic Pins from some of my friends in the reading world!  

Thank you Heidi Robbins for this inspiring pin! 

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Thank you for stopping by! 

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Thursday Tune-Up: The Reason for the Season

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Thursday Tune-Up: Thoughts on Simplifying and Savoring the Holidays (and Surviving the Chaos!)

Insights from Ingrid: The Reason for the Season

I used to be that mother who had a to-do list for every category of Christmas – decorations, wrapping paper (homemade, only!), Christmas cookies (30 different flavors!), parties,

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Snapshots & Evergreen

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Our family is loud. We easily take over a restaurant, the football stands, and even our campfires in our backyard seem to echo into the night. Rambunctious, funny, dramatic…we don’t run out of words.

However, as the kids have grown up, the house has quieted and I have to turn to the snapshots in my memory to keep the voices alive.

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