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Tying the Knot by Susan May Warren - The Deep Haven Series

Tying the Knot

The Deep Haven series
Tying the Knot
ISBN 0-8423-8118-X
Romantic Suspense

All former EMT Anne Lundstrom wants to do is escape the memory of being shot. Or maybe find the man who had saved her life. But the last thing she expects is to find both while serving in a wilderness camp in northern Minnesota. And when her worst nightmares find her, what will it take to fight back?

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Awards & Reviews

Romantic Times Magazine:
Subtly woven spiritual truths enlighten readers as they follow Anne and Noah's bittersweet journey to each other. In TYING THE KNOT, author Susan May Warren makes rooting for Anne and Noah easy, but putting the book down difficult.
This was a spiritually satisfying book, as Warren does an excellent job of adding in just the right amount of verse and hymn to soothe the reader... the setting alone for this book is enough to keep me reading more.
TYING THE KNOT is a delightful modern day story set on the shores of Lake Superior, in Deep Haven, Minnesota.

Susan May Warren has penned a wonderful story set on the shores of Lake Superior. The second in the series, TYING THE KNOT easily stands alone. The reader is quickly caught up in the plot and will live through each of the well-developed characters. Noah is so real the reader will be able to feel his pain, yet be able to identify strongly with Anne when they understand her motives.

I could vividly envision the idyllic town of Deep Haven. The reader will love the location so much they’ll want to go there and visit some of the areas described in the book. I was so caught up in TYING THE KNOT, I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough. This is a wonderful hope-filled story with tons of adventure. Definitely a book for the keeper shelf. Pick it up today! —Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton for The Road to Romance, October 22, 2003


"Tying the Knot was my second trip to Susan Warren's delightful community of Deep Haven. Like Joe and Mona in Happily Ever After, the characters in Tying the Knot are so real you can almost hear them breathe. A hopeful, grace-filled story with plenty of adventure to boot. Susan Warren is definitely a writer to watch!" —Deborah Raney, author of A Scarlet Cord and Beneath a Southern Sky

"Warren's characters are well developed, and she knows how to create a first-rate contemporary romance. This second HeartQuest title (after her Happily Ever After) is a romantic gem and should appeal to Dee Henderson's fans. Highly recommended for Christian fiction and romance collections." —Library Journal

The Story

Anne Lundstrom is running from her past. But it’s about to catch up.

EMT Ann Lundstrom thought she’d escaped the pain of her past when she moved out of the city and into the quiet town of Deep Haven. She certainly never expected to get roped into helping Noah Standing Bear run his summer camp for inner-city kids. But Noah had a charisma she can’t ignore, and romance is in the air.

Has God brought Anne the one man who can understand her dark past and help her face it?

Behind the Pages

On March 1, 2002, at 1:00pm, three men broke into our high-rise apartment in Russia and brutally attacked me and my children. By the grace of God, our lives were spared and we were not terribly injured –physically. But the masked attackers had left a deep spiritual and emotional wounds. We were sent to a trauma center for counseling for a month, then returned to Russia, our field of service, to compete our missionary term. Four months later, burned-out and spiritually empty, we packed our bags and returned to America for our scheduled one-year home service.

I had no plans to return. Secretly, I harbored deep in my heart a resolve to never again set foot in Russia, with its many dangers. I had done eight hard years of service there and felt that I had given the best part of myself to a country that didn’t care. And no one –not even God– was going to change my mind. Yes, He’d spared my life, but I had serious doubts I could ever trust Him again.

But God knew better. Not only is He gentle, but He understands and can understand my pain and my questions. I dove into the Psalms, finding hope in David’s cries to the Lord and healing in his praise to the Almighty in the darkest hours. I observed God’s goodness to me, providing for my family needs in the past –and present– and I allowed myself to be embraced by the body of Christ, who loved us well. Finally, as time and distance began to heal me, I was able to look behind and see God’s grace embracing me every moment of the difficult journey. He reminded me that He would meet me in my future with the same abundance of grace.

I wrote Anne and Noah’s story while struggling through the dark night of the soul. Amazingly, many times I felt as though the words that appeared on the page were more for me than for Anne. I journeyed with Anne until I, too, could see God embracing me in the darkest hour. Her victory is mine.

On New Year’s Eve 2003, I surrendered to the Lord my future, agreeing to continue missionary work in Russia is God so chose. The peace that flooded my heart told me that His grace would carry me wherever He took our family. His grace is sufficient. For every hearthache, every fear, every wound.

Thank you for reading Tying the Knot. I pray that somehow Anne and Noah’s journey of faith and love will encourage and bless you. And that you will know, above all, that it is well with your soul.

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