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Taming Rafe by Susan May Warren - Book 2 in the Noble Legacy Series

Taming Rafe

The Noble Legacy
Taming Rafe
ISBN 1-41431-018-8
Romantic Suspense

In less than eight seconds, two-time world champion bull rider Rafe Noble lost his title, his career, his best friend—all on the dirt floor of a noisy rodeo arena.  Now he has no choice but to head back to the Silver Buckle, but not before he accidentally destroys  philanthropist Katherine Breckenridge’s NY Charity event.  Now she’s in town, wanting his money – or his help.  And the last thing this broken bull rider is going to do is give her his heart.  But Nick’s little brother is going to learn just was it takes to tame the heart of a rebel…

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"I’m proud of Susie; my friend gets better with every book.”—Dee Henderson, author of The Marriage Wish

"Susan May Warren is an extremely gifted story teller, always keeping her readers in suspense to the end. . . . Susan May Warren’s books are guaranteed to entertain, thrill, and inspire. Without question, they fall in the Can’t-Put-Down category!”—D. M., reader

"This author needs to write more books! I love her style.”—C. T., reader

"Susan Warren is a writer to watch! . . . Susan’s characters are so real you can almost hear them breathe.”— reader

Behind the Pages

I’m the first to declare that I am incredibly blessed to be allowed to write books.  I love to write, to see the story unfold, to get to know my characters, and see how God works out His plan for their lives.  For me, writing a story is so much about a journey, and seeing God provide each step of the way.  Every book tests my faith, because when I sit down and stare at a blank screen, I have to trust that even when I don’t have words, God does.  Every book also brings me deep joy because at the end, I see how God has worked it out, beyond what I can ask or imagine.  It is a humbling thing to see God at work in your life, in the process, and in the end product, and know that He has done this for His good pleasure, and for my joy.  To quote Kat – it is no small thing to have the Creator of the Universe working IN you and THROUGH you to touch others.  It takes my breath away.
            This was an ambitious book for me – the different story lines, the ‘book within a book’ idea that I always wanted to try.  I even had a song in the back of my mind that I wanted to write. 
            I started this story with an idea – that often we don’t see the effect we have on others, and yet, as Christians, if we surrender to God and His plan, He uses everything we say and do for His purposes.  More than that, everything we do – whether raise money for charity, or ride bulls, or even just make our family dinner can be used by Him for good.  This thought has given me great peace over the years, regardless where I find myself – in Russia, living in a high-rise, planting churches, or in Minnesota, tucked in the north woods, writing books.  I wanted Kat to see that God had made her uniquely Kat, and that she only had to be true to herself, and let God work through that person to touch the world around her.
            Of course, I didn’t have to look too far to find Kat -- I was a lot like her growing up  – had a horse on springs in my basement, a turquoise cowgirl suit, and bright red boots. I ate up shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and dreamed of having my own horse named SunDancer, or Hornet.  But I grew up in the suburbs…no horse in sight.  , and loved letting out my “inner Kitty” for this story! 
            I was also fascinated with the world of bull-riding.  I was channel-surfing one day, and landed on a PBR bull-riding event.  It sucked me in with the danger, the bravado, the thrills and wrecks, and I wondered about the kind of man who rode bulls, and what God could do with him if he gave his talents to God.  Many of the bull-riders I researched are Christians, and riding for them is a way for them to praise the Lord, just like writing is for me.   
            My favorite part of the book, however, was John and Lolly’s story.  I loved weaving in their backstory through the book, Unshackled, and showing the different sides of love, including the biggest part in my opinion – commitment.  I loved setting Lolly free from her shackles, and helping her see how John had been her hero all along. 
            Thank you for journeying back to Phillips with me, for reading Rafe’s story.  I hope you’ll join me for Finding Stefanie, book 3 in the Noble Legacy.  Meanwhile, I pray that you see God working in your life, and through your life, to touch people around you.  And I pray that it takes your breath away. 

In His Grace,
Susan May Warren

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