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Soveriegn's DaughterOksana

The Sovereign's Daughter

(formerly published as Oksana)

The Heirs of Anton
The Sovereign's Daughter
ISBN 978-1-59789-983-3
Historical/Romantic Suspense

Who is this woman, and why does the Czar of Russia ask a lowly merchant to take care of her? When Oksana’s secret is discovered, is Anton Klassen the man she needs to save a family’s legacy? The exciting conclusion to the mystery of the Heirs of Anton.

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  • Finalist for the ACFW Book of the Year, 2006, Historical category


Romantic Times Magazine:
Downs and Warren complete their Heirs of Anton series with verve. Deft plotting, lovely turns of phrase and a veteran hand with romance lay the bedrock for the series' reverse chronology structure.


“Five Stars! After finishing Ekaterina, the first book of the Heirs of Anton series, I wondered why on earth I would want to read the next three novels, when the mystery had been solved in the first one? Sure, a few questions lingered… But somehow I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I bought the rest of the series –and I am SO GLAD that I did! Each book in this series has been a joy to read, each complex in and of itself, and yet also contributing to the underlying plot that is woven throughout all four novels. This is, without a doubt one of the best fiction series I have ever had the pleasure of reading! (I don't give out 5 star ratings very often or easily, so I truly recommend this series!)” —K on

Behind the Pages

How I long to have the faith of Abraham, or David, believing in God’s promises, and his sufficiency! But I can be such a fickle lamb, forgetting the care and leading of my shepherd, baaing in fear or even despair when the skies overhead turn dark. Such was the situation when I wrote Oksana. Overwhelmed by deadlines, and the awesome task of writing this story -- a story of faith and courage, a story about a man and a woman who began three generations of faith -- I stared at the blinking cursor of the computer and baa-ed. Thankfully, God is not fickle, or afraid. He is sufficient, and has the right words for every writer. As I pulled my laptop onto my lap and began tapping, one verse hung in my mind: “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “any my servant who I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.” (Is 43:10) God IS who He says He is – my provider, my sustainer, my encourager. And, as Oksana poured out onto the page, I saw this verse come alive in my life. Never had a story emerged with such passion from my heart as this one did. Never had I sensed God’s hand in writing more than in the birth of Oksana. Never did my faith grow as it did when I flung myself into God’s hands and lived out Anton and Oksana’s story – a story of trusting God, one step at a time, believing in his faithfulness to all generations. (or, all chapters, as the case may be!).

I wish I could see ahead to my children’s lives, to know that they will walk in faith, and that their lives will be fruitful for the Lord. But I can’t – I can only put them into God’s hands and walk faithfully today.

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