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Nadia by Susan May Warren - The Heirs of Anton Series


The Heirs of Anton

ISBN 1-59310-163-5
Romantic Suspense/historical

Cold War secrets. A spy slated to be executed. A woman determined to save her husband from death. American spy Nadia “Hope” Moore knows that her estranged husband Mickey betrayed her – but did he also betray his country? And once she springs him from gulag, does she help him complete his mission… or bring him to justice?

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  • Finalist for the ACFW Book of the year, 2005, Suspense category


Romantic Times Magazine:
This second in the series thrusts the reader along a fast track of adventure with all the elements of vintage romance.


Nadia blended heart-stopping romantic suspense with authentic detail that plunked me into Russian life. The result was a dynamic read! I'll be looking forward to the next book in the Heirs of Anton series! —Colleen Coble, author of Without a Trace and Beyond a Doubt

Nadia is the perfect blend of spy thriller and genuine romance. Trapped in Cold War Russia, Nadia and her husband, both CIA agents, don't know if they can trust anyone...even each other. Delicious Intrigue! —Deanna Julie Dodson, author of In Honor Bound, in By Love Redeemed, and To Grace Surrendered.

I was captured from the first scene. Nadia is fast-paced, enjoyable read with a lovely message of God's redemption and His eternal hope. —Cindy Martinusen, author of The Salt Garden

Behind the Pages

God has a sense of humor, and I experienced it firsthand as I wrote Nadia, the story of a spy racing through Russia, trying to bring her beloved home. I had spent the last year watching my husband struggle through his missionary calling and his family, just as Nadia did. Little did I know that once we determined God wanted us to move to America, our adventures were only beginning. I wrote Nadia while living in a 28 x 30-foot garage without running water or electricity (thank the Lord for laptop batteries). Easily, I conjured up the cold starkness of being in a gulag cell as winter descended outside our poorly insulated garage or sleeping in cramped places as we tucked our family of six into our popup camper. Most of all, I wondered at my purpose in life, now that I was no longer a missionary. I found joy in Mickey’s understanding that only God could make his life significant and answers Nadia’s revelation that God would give her daily wisdom and work out His perfect will as she drew closer to Him. Most of all, God reminded me that I write each word by His grace. He will teach me and equip me to write for Him, even if it means putting me in the garage!

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