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Marina by Susan May Warren - The Heirs of Anton Series


The Heirs of Anton
ISBN 1-59310-350-6
Romantic Suspense/historical

Her husband left her to fight for glorious Russia, just in time for Hitler to invade her small village. Widowed, and pregnant, Marina has no choice but to join the partisans and fight for her country. But just how far can she trust OSS agent Edward Neumann as he leads their ragtag band of freedom fighters?

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Awards & Reviews

Christian Library Journal:
...easy-reading romance with a dose of history, mystery, and spiritually woven into the storyline. They contain characters whose lives are mindful of the will of the God. Psalm 100:5 is a recurring theme: “The Lord is good, and His love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations.” Author Downs and Warren bear out this truth through their Heirs of Anton.
The ‘Susan's’ have woven a bittersweet story of love and hope set in a tumultuous period of Russian history. Marina has many things: intrigue, suspense, tears, joy, and most of all, hope. It will draw you in and hold you to the very end.


"Susan Downs and Susan May Warren have written a magnificient story of faith, courage, and love set in Nazi-invaded Russia. In the midst of bitterness and tragedy lie the seeds of triumph and hope. The characters in Marina leapt from the pages and into my heart as I struggled with them across a war-torn land.” —Diann Mills, author of Footsteps and co-author of Lost Boys No More.

“I couldn't help falling in love with these characters. I found myself caught up in their struggles, their sacrifice and their powerful story. Brilliantly written and perfect for a heart-tugging journey...all from the safety of your own sofa. Don't let this one pass you by.” —Wanda Dyson, author of Abduction and Obsession

Behind the Pages

The Heirs of Anton series sat in my heart for years before Susan and the Lord’s prompting brought it to light. I remember sitting in my neighbor, Totyemilla’s apartment, listening to her tell me the story of when her father returned from war –five years after he’d left. She and her mother were working in their garden and an outline appeared on the horizon. Her mother dropped her spade and sprinted toward the man –her husband and the father of her three children. Totyemilla, then seven or eight, had no recollection of him. I remember thinking –How did people stay sane during the dark years of World War II, when fathers, sons, and brothers (as well as many women!) left for the front, an unknown future before them? How did they cope with the suspicion and fears that permeated their culture during the reign of Stalin? As Susan and I developed this series, one verse seemed to stand out as an answer –Psalm 100:5. The belief that God was faithful from generation to generation and that His love would permeate their lives. Russia is just beginning to see the fruition of years of teeth-clenching faith. And while tomorrow may be uncertain, especially in our current political climate, Christians can trust in the Lord’s faithfulness, especially when we don’t understand the mess around us.

As an adopted daughter, I was blessed to have incredible parents who cherished me. But I never understood the deep sacrifices of adoption or the trust involved in surrendering your child to the unknown until I had my own children. The Heirs of Anton books have given me an opportunity to experience that sacrifice, as well as the strength that comes from believing in God’s promises. Marina is a story of trust. It’s a story of looking back and recognizing God’s faithfulness and looking forward to believe Him for the future. And, it’s a story of the real meaning of love…that sometimes it means more than sunsets and holding hands and happily ever after.

I wrote this story twice –once in Russian and once in America. And, as usual, God provided on both sides of the ocean.

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