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Escape to Morning by Susan May Warren - Team Hope Series

Escape to Morning

Just once, Will Masterson hopes his lies saved lives. Posing as a journalist isn’t Homeland Security agent Will’s first choice in tracking down a terrorist – neither is having to follow SAR K-9 Handler Dani Lundeen and her dog as they hunt for a lost child. But the clock is ticking and Will better be on his game if he hopes to stop another terror attack. Too bad Dani’s onto him and his lies. But, can she handle the truth?

Team Hope series
Escape to Morning
ISBN 1-4143-0087-5
Romantic Suspense

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  • A 2006 Inspirational Readers Choice Finalist

Warren has done a superb job with this book. Her characters and storyline were real and suspenseful, and left the reader wondering what would happen. I read this book in less than a day, I simply could not put it down. Highly recommended.


“We're always on the lookout for writers who can master the perfect blend of romance, drama and "up-all-night" page turning -- and we think we found it in Susan May Warren!” —Crossings Book Club

“This book is EXCELLENT! The characters are so real--especially the hero, Will, who is trying so hard to be a true man of God. This series is great!” —Barbara on

Behind the Pages

Sometimes, don’t you just want to go to bed early? Climb beneath the warm sheets, pull the flannel blanket over your head and pray that tomorrow might be…brighter?

It’s been a long day. The morning started out bleak, the sky a slate gray, the temperature hovering at a breath-stealing twenty below and a nasty wind picking at the cracks around my windows. It should have been a day for hot cocoa, a good book and the electric blanket on high.

Except, across the hall, one child is fighting the flu, while another is downstairs struggling with a home school creative writing assignment. Laundry calls my name from the basement, and I’m pretty sure someone is going to want dinner in a couple hours. Another child has a school report due (why do they always wait until the night before?), and the last needs help cleaning the bunny cage.

Oh, and I think I might have been trying to write a book in there somewhere.

Is 4:00pm too early to retire for the day?

The theme verse for Escape to Morning comes from Lamentations 3:22-24: “Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day. I say to myself, "The LORD is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!”

I need God’s mercies to be fresh each morning if I’m going to face my day, because, frankly, life is overwhelming, and if I think too far ahead I won’t get out of bed at all.

I love Will and Dani – two people who are just trying to make it through life, one day at a time. Dannette is a heroine I understand. Driven to do a job well, she was afraid to trust God too much with her life. Because, well, what if He let her down? What if He wasn’t there when life turned dark, when she felt at the end of her herself? And Will – he’s just a guy trying to figure out what it means to be a man of God.

As I began to study Lamentations, the word “inheritance” (or portion, in KJV), stood out to me. It’s used in many verses, and means not only reward, but also sustainer, redeemer, rescuer…basically, Everything. Or Enough.

We hope in God because He is enough. Enough wisdom. Enough strength. Enough forgiveness. Enough Grace. Enough.

Flee the Night was about being freed from mistakes and dark pasts into hope. Escape to Morning is about walking toward that hope, one day at a time in faith, expecting God’s mercies anew each morning and trusting Him to be enough for that day.

The Christian life is a journey. One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. And some days are successful – healthy kids and word counts reached. But others, well, they’re days of slogging through until bedtime. Through each, however, we can expect God to be our portion, our sustainer. And finally, our reward.

Thank you for reading Escape to Morning. I pray that Will and Dani’s journey encouraged you on your own. And may you find God to be enough.

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