Who I’m rooting for!

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So…whoya rootin’ for???

I know this won’t come as a huge shock to you, but I’m highly addicted to football. All versions, from high school to college to pro…and especially the Minnesota Vikings, my home team. I’ve been a huge fan all my life (and it’s not easy to be a Vikings fan, lemmetellya).

But this year…this year…well…*sigh*

This is Bubby. This is Bubby’s face after the Vikings lost. Bubby is a granddaughter after my own heart.

I can admit to extreme sadness after the Vikings lost the NFC championship. I might have taken a day off to eat popcorn and binge watch Longmire. Maybe.

BUT…when I saw the sweet reviews you all gave the new Montana Rescue book, Troubled Waters, I sorta looked like this.

Thank you so much! For all of you who were rooting for Ian and Sierra and their happy ending, I hope you enjoyed the book. And…for those who are rooting for Pete and Jess…well, just hang on. I just finished writing their story (and if I thought I loved Pete before…well, he’s a keeper…!)

In the meantime, Storm Front comes out in May, and I can’t wait for you to really meet TY. I promise he’s worth your time. He so surprised me in this book…I didn’t realize what a deep current of compassion ran through him. But…you’ll see. (and you can preorder it now!)

Storm Front hits the shelves May 1st!

[By the way, if you’re new here, and haven’t yet read If Ever I Would Leave You, the prequel novella to the Montana Rescue series—the one featuring Ian and Sierra, the stars of Troubled Waters, find it HERE (FREE!)]

Now, if you’re NOT watching the football game this weekend, then here’s an idea… a few years ago, I put out a three book HISTORICAL series called Daughters of Fortune, based on the Jacob/Esau/Joseph story. The books have recently gotten a makeover and the FIRST ONE, Heiress, is on sale THIS WEEKEND for .99¢!

Amazon: https://buff.ly/2nwLgui
B&N: https://buff.ly/2DVI32t
iBooks: https://buff.ly/2nALJvz
Kobo: https://buff.ly/2nAJQPm

So, who am I really rooting for? Well…you. Did you know that I pray for my readers every day? My readers hold a very special place in my heart!

Thanks for stopping by,

Susie May