Troubled Waters is out!

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TODAY IS A BIG DAY! Ian and Sierra’s story FINALLY hits the stands! Troubled Waters – I’m so grateful, and loving the feedback on this story.

“Susan May Warren’s Montana Rescue series just keeps getting better and better! Troubled Waters finally (finally!) gives readers Ian and Sierra’s story, which began back in the prequel novella If Ever I Would Leave You. It also continues Pete and Jess’s story, which we’ve been given glimpses of in multiple books.

This is the first book in the series to leave Montana, as a large chunk of the action takes place in the Caribbean. I found I didn’t mind, though—it was a nice change of venue while keeping us with our beloved characters and introducing us to others. (Also, can Ian’s friends get a spin-off series? I’d totally read about them.)

In previous books, while I really wanted Ian and Sierra to be together, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ian as a person. But in this book, we get a look at Ian’s past (it was not at all what I expected), and he became much more sympathetic. I also appreciated that the Esme story (which began with her disappearance in If Ever I Would Leave You) largely wrapped up, though there’s still a bad guy to get in the next book!

Troubled Waters does a great job of concluding one story (Ian and Sierra) while moving the action along in another (Pete and Jess). It ends on less of a cliffhanger than some of the other books have, but it still leaves you wishing you could pick up the next book, Storm Front (which will feature PEAK member Ty and reporter Brette, whose story began in A Matter of Trust), immediately.” – reviewer (Becky R.)



The book is available on all platforms–but you can read an excerpt here!

Hope you’re having a wonderful DAY 2 of 2018!!

Thank you for being such awesome reader friends!


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