Are you a superwoman?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Okay, YES! I realize it’s not thanksgiving yet, but on T-day I’ll be hanging out with this cutie pie. Who is on her way to grandmother’s house, over the hills we go…! (in her cute wheels).

Today, I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom. Doing laundry. Making beds. Vacuuming.

Hey! I’ll write a newsletter instead!

I just finished an epic week of writing. (31,294 words!!) on my last book of the Montana Rescue series. It’s about Pete and Jess…and hopefully they’ll finally finally get their happy ending (I’m all about my characters finding their true love, even if it takes a while. Hence, Ian and Sierra’s story coming up in January—Troubled Waters!)

I love this story, called Wait For Me, because it takes place in Montana and involves the big finale of the search for Esme Shaw. And some trouble in the woods, (of course). Maybe involving hunters. A river. A cliff. Some long-awaited reunions.

But mostly it’s about Pete who finds himself simply overwhelmed with life. His mistakes, his responsibilities, his broken heart. This time of year can feel like that, right? (I had to dig really deep to pull those emotions out onto the page, donchyaknow.) Responsibilities, family, even griefs come roaring back during holidays.

The verse for this book is, “When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. (Psalm 94:18)” Pete is learning to BE STILL. To WAIT for God to show up. Pete needs to learn that he doesn’t have to be awesome to be loved, or to be rescued. That God designed us to NEED rescue…by HIM. He never expects (or wants!) us to do it alone.

Yes, I’m talking to you, superwoman.

You are loved and you are not alone. So stop trying to so hard to be awesome. You already are.

I read this cool quote recently:

Something to think about this thanksgiving, as we go shopping and vacuum and clean our bathrooms and make turkeys for our turkeys. (okay, that was an old family joke slipping out, sorry…).

And speaking of SUPERWOMEN…

Have you met the Daughters of Fortune? Four women whose lives span from the Gilded Age to World War 2, who live out the epic biblical story of Jacob, Esau and Joseph. These beauties just got a face-lift and a scrubbing (there were a few errors in the first editions) and are back on sale. Heiress won the SELAH Award back in the day, and one of my favorite reviews was:

(About BaronessHands-down one of the best historicals I’ve ever read. I loved Heiress, the first book in Susan May Warren’s Daughters of Fortune series, so I couldn’t wait for this follow-up. I was so “there” as I read….the time period was fascinating! The story was fast-moving and the characters had depth. Loved it! 5 Stars, M.T

Find the series page here.

(By the way, they’re available in PRINT too! And yes, yes, I know, we’re still waiting for the other books to go into print. Thank you for your patience…they’re still in the works!)

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you spend it with the important people in your life. (And hey! Read something brilliant while everyone else shops like crazy. You’ll be a saner, happier person for it.)


Susie May

PS—if you are wondering WHAT to read, and you haven’t read the FREE PREQUEL to Ian and Sierra’s story yet, you might want to catch up before Troubled Waters hits the shelves! Get the story HERE!