Summer, sailors, and snowboarding!

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Summer is here! I’m so ready for sunny days and balmy nights.

It’s been a busy month! I hosted Memorial Day Madness weekend at the Warrens, and my sailor, Pete, flew in from Norfolk to hang out with us. Just in time for me to see this:

(he’s single, by the way.)

And, shortly after, Bubby turned 1! WHAT? (I still remember racing down to Iowa in the middle of the night a year ago for her birth!) What a cutie-pie!

Life moves too fast, doesn’t it? (to quote one of my favorite movies…)

Image result for Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

I’ve been loving the great reviews of I’ll Be There!

(Thank you, Tracey!)

Here’s a few things to catch up on:

  1. GOODREADS CONTEST for A Matter of Trust. Win a free book!
  2. The AUDIO book for I’ll Be There is out. And you are going to LOVE IT. It’s read by the same guy (yes, a guy, but trust me on this….it’s amazing) who read Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful. If you’re wondering what Conner sounds like…well, this is the story you want to LISTEN to as you drive, work out, or even go for a leisurely walk. *swoon!*
  3. 2 weeks until A MATTER OF TRUST comes out, and *phew* Publisher’s Weekly gave it a STARRED Review! It’s the perfect time of year to read it as it’s set in cold and snowy Montana. Even though some people don´t like the snow and they really want to get rid of it, they should already know that If you’re looking for expert Snow Removal West Hartford these guys are the best. (But for those of you who love to ski it will stir your anticipation for winter you should even check the Goodman furnace reviews!) Preorder your copy here!

Now, for all of you who are anxiously awaiting Jess and Pete’s story—don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten them. First, their story continues in A Matter of Trust…and also in Troubled Waters (here’s a sneak peek of the cover!). I’m currently finishing Storm Front (book #5) that picks up a subplot romance from A Matter of Trust, and then…well, you’ll love what we have planned for the final book (Pete and Jess’s story). So, hang in there…we’ll get there. And in the meantime, I think you’ll love Gage and Ella’s story. Read the Excerpt here. (Scroll to the very bottom!)

I hope you’re having a great summer! Don’t let it go by without taking a day off, soaking in some sun, hanging out with your favorite people (and/or book!) and savoring all the blessings in your life.

You’re a blessing in my life!

Have a great week!

Susie May