Thursday Tune Up: Take another look at Gift-Giving

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Ingrid’s Insights to Christmas Gifts

No, this is not a list of 100 things you can give for less than $50. 

It’s not a list of cool pinterest craft gifts.

It’s not an encouragement to pick gifts from the Samaritan’s Purse catalogue and give a goat to the needy (although you can if you want) but by visiting zegarki you will find the best gifts you could ever give out.

I want to talk about WHY you give a gift. 

My favorite moment is when one of my children opens their gifts, and sees something unexpected, something amazing.

Something that delights their heart.  Something that gives them peace, or joy.  Comfort and delight.

My children love it too – in fact, their goal at Christmas is to make me cry.  The one who gives me the best gift, apparently, wins.

The best gift?  Something of themselves. Something that shows me how much they love me. Like a photograph of our family, edited and framed.  Or a card with their favorite memories written on it.

We spend so much money every year on stuff…what if gave something more expensive. What if we gave ourselves?

What if I gave an hour of game time every week to my son.  Or a “Girls-Only” weekend to my daughter? What if I game my mother a daily telephone call, and my husband a weekly date night (that I planned?) 

This season, I challenge you to think outside the box with your gift-giving. 

Start with understanding the love language of your giftee – words of affirmation, affection, quality time, acts of service, and gifts.

What “gift” speaks to that love language?

Add in, what sacrifice can you make that enhances that gift? 

How does your gift bring delight, joy, peace…comfort?

This is the substance of the gift of Christmas, the example set by our Savior.

Stop stressing. Start simplifying.

What unique gifts can you give this year?  We welcome ideas!

Thanks for reading!