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From Ingrid’s Journal

God’s way may be harder for you, but it will be easier on you.   H. Hanson

As the “co-owner” of Evergreen Resort, I’ve shouldered much of the bookkeeping, entertaining and marketing to get the place running. Much like Susan May’s experiences of being a missionary wife, I wanted to run side-by-side with John to help shoulder the burdens.

I couldn’t believe it the day he turned on me.

Oh, how it hurt.  My husband’s words, although he tried to be gentle, ripped open my heart. “I’m sorry, I just can not allow you to do this job any longer.”

Can not allow?  My pride, my rebellious spirit ruffled.

“You are tired and crabby, and our family is suffering.”  I knew he was right; my job as accountant was taking its toll on our family life.  From cold noodle dinners to cancelled bible studies, I had become a walking nerve. And now, expecting our fourth child, something had to give.

“Please quit,” he said as I slammed the bathroom door in his face and collapsed, crying.

Surrender. It never came easy to me. I was the child who pushed curfew, the Christian who danced on the fence of disobedience.  I had been known to shake my fist at God while He waited, patiently.

But this submission would mean sacrificing a part of my identity, slicing off some self-esteem.

My history with God reminded me that when I surrender, He gives me the key to a closet of unimagined treasures…peace, untried spiritual gifts, blessings…joy.

So why was I hanging onto this job like some sort of tenacious bulldog?

I slowly peeked through the door, and then abandoned myself into my husband’s, and God’s waiting arms.

Six months later, I rocked my cooing baby, lingering in the precious treasure of quantity time. Again, surrender had unlocked the door to true joy.  Just another step upon my spiritual journey.

My husband hadn’t betrayed me – he loved me enough to pry my own expectations from my grip and freed me into a place where I could be a better version of myself.

Simplify and Savor:  Is there something in your life you are tenaciously holding on to that is no long a “fit” in your season of life?  Surrender your pride, let go, and savor the new season!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever “surrendered” something only to realize the freedom – and joy – that resulted? 


Thanks for reading!

Ingrid Christiansen

'Evergreen' by Susan May Warren


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