Happy 4th of July (And an Epic 99-Cent Sale to Celebrate!)

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I never realized how patriotic I was until I spent Independence Day in another country. To my shock, July 4th in Russia came without fireworks, hot dogs on a campfire, or any hint of watermelon! We had to decide—did we celebrate our freedom anyway, on our own?

We lived in the middle of a county just experiencing the first taste of freedom from oppression, fear, secrets, and the right to pursue a life of opportunity. Stories of the KGB listening to conversations via “bugs” in the light fixtures, legendary bread lines, and songs of devotion to Father Lenin made us ever aware of how free we were to even think for ourselves in America. Proof of this was the standard—now defunct—propaganda radio affixed to my kitchen wall.

YES. Regardless of where we lived, when the 4th of July rolled around, we donned our red, white, and blue, bought some hot dogs and took a day to say thank you to those who sacrificed and believed in a country where people could pursue life, liberty and happiness. May you have a happy, hot dog, watermelon, and apple pie 4th of July no matter where you live!

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