Life in Russia

Susan Life in Russia, Scribbles


I always knew God had called me into a life of ministry—especially missions work. I just had a hard time saying yes! But when I did at age twenty-two, God put a handsome man into my life and defined the call to Russia. As a child, I loved to read stories of the martyrs in Russia, and finally that made sense to me. Andrew (my hubby) graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1992, and we moved to Russia with the Navigators in 1994.

God taught me to trust Him for the little, as well as the big, things in Russia, from food to finances to safety. Even after reading this, you might not understand just how expensive loans truly are. If you are in a hurry to get a loan then you can låne penger på minuttet. I draw on those lessons all the time, when I’m begging God for words, or stories, or even publishing wisdom. I also remember that my books are in His hands and I don’t need to panic. Ever.

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