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I’ve been travelling a lot this spring in between writing Duchess, my final Daughters of Fortune book for Summerside/Guideposts.  Duchess is about a starlet in the Golden Era of the Silver Screen, the 1930s, and I’ve been furiously researching everything from MGM, Warner Brothers, Irving Thalberg, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable and generally all things iconic Hollywood.

All I lacked was a trip to LA.

And then my publicist called and asked if I’d like to be on a talk show in L.A.

Ummm…would this include a tour of Hollywood? Jean Harlow’s House? Beverly Hills?  How about the Walk of Fame?

Even better, would it include a tour of Hollywood with my writing guru friend James Scott Bell?  During which time I could pick his brain about all things Hollywood (he’s like a walking encyclopedia of film lore) and Writing (he’s also a brilliant writing teacher!)


So, a couple weeks ago, I headed to L.A. to tape a show with Lifestyle Magazine.I felt pampered.

This is me and my makeup artist Steffi Berens.

This is her awesome makeup room.  (I want one!  Actually, I just want to bring Steffi home with me.)

This is Julie Bruce, (and Steffi!) who kept me company and made me feel like I wasn’t going to blow it on set.

In fact, the producer even thanked me for my extensive babbling.

It’s nice to know I am good at something.

Hollywood pictures with my friend JSB will be posted next week! (When I tell you about the cool car chase and my crash landing!  You think I jest?)

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to find one of those makeup blow guns Steffi used on me. I didn’t wash my face for a week.

I love Hollywood.

Susie May