The Bean.

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My daughter is a junior in high school, so we’ve begun the college search.  Although I’ve been on the road for a few weeks, to such places as Sioux Falls, SD, Fargo, ND, Fosston, MN, and even Monroe, Louisiana – I squeezed in a quick trip to Chicago to visit North Park University.  

We went there because my daughter loves schools with columns.  Apparently this is her criteria for a great college.  We’re working on that.  

North park

Now…I THOUGHT we were there to visit the college.


We really went, apparently, to visit the BEAN.  


The Bean is a large sculpture in downtown Chicago.  
The parking ramp is below.  

It’s not easy to find.

We looked for it from here:


 No bean.  

“Please, Mom, we just HAVE to see the bean.”  It was my daughter’s only request (besides eating at Ed Debevics, which I am in therapy for and still can’t talk about).  


So, despite the fact that it’s freezing out, we drive all over the city searching for the stupid bean. (here’s something I learned…don’t drive fast through crosswalks!  Sorry lady in the green coat.  And that guy on the bike.)

The truth is, I had my doubts about the bean. I had never heard of the bean – more focused on, say, the SEARS tower, the Hancock building, the Navy Pier, the Museum of Natural History.  All things a little more lofty than….a bean.

But Sarah insisted.  We had to see the bean.  

So…in faith, I looked it up on my phone.  Found the Wikipedia.  Found the addy.  GPSed it.    

Drove around the city until we finally located THE BEAN.  


There was Joy.  


It was cold.  


Mission accomplished.

Sometimes, you just have to take time out to go see a bean. 

It’s worth the view.  

Susie May