February Fun!

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Okay, so, I know I didn’t blog much in February.  It’s because, well, I was offline.  Having…fun!

First, there was this….

V cake

AKA, Dinner out with my hubby for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a little frightening, I know, when I’m enthralled with a piece of cake, but this was simply gorgeous (and tasty too).  Since there was no dancing (we couldn’t find a decent blues or swing band!) I had to be satisfied with this amazing cake.

I’m realizing as I write this that I sound rather pitiful. 

Not to fear, because, then I got on an airplane and went to FLORIDA. 

Where I did this: video

My definition of fun is hanging out with people who like to talk books and writing! 

So, I capped off the month by hanging out in Atlanta with Literary Agent Chip MacGregor and teaching at his Bestselling Novel seminar with these folks:

Masters 1

Masters 2

Then I came home. 

To this: 

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2


But some of these people were waiting. 


So, it’s all good. 

Thanks for all the fun, friends!  Let’s do it again next year!