Anatomy of a Championship Game

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Warrens (with a little help from our friend Katrina) watched the Vikings/Saint Match-up on Sunday….

Here’s what it looked like….


Got our purple on!


Go Vikes!

 1good game1

Yay!  Touchdown!


We don’t like the Saints.

Take that

Take that!  Uh rah!  Another touchdown!


Why do they keep scoring?


Halftime Fun


Maybe the dog can help us cheer!

Peter decidestostandup

Peter picks up a weapon and watches the rest of the game standing up.  


Please don’t fumble!




I can’t watch….

 1pleasepleasemiss the kick

Miss that kick.  Miss that kick….


Yeah.  Well. *sigh*  

Thanks for the great season, Vikes!  

Warren Football signing off….