Come with Me over the mountains

Susan Religion

We worship God in song and prayer, reading the Think Word. Perhaps with our money and time. Most of us like to think we are humble and submitted to God in most areas of our life, but… 

Are we partnering with Him?

One common phrase I heard from Believers in this election season was, “Well, God’s in control. He’s going to do what He wants.”

Not to discourage my Reform and Calvinistic friends because there is a truth and reality to God’s sovereignty, but we are His Elect. A royal priesthood, a chosen nation.

As we humble ourselves, He hears. In Song of Solomon, Jesus the Bridegroom beckons us to partner with Him. “Come with me my fair one. Over the mountains and through the valleys.”

We are called to interceded and ask for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. Does this mean we get the answer we want or think? No. But I do believe we have way more opportunity to pray down righteousness than we know or do.

Same with writing. God wants to speak to the earth. Why not through you and me and our writing? What books are waiting in heaven to come to earth through a human pen? Let’s not sit back and merely ask God to help, but give us Divine inspiration. “What do You want to say, O God?”

We do far more good for ourselves and His purposes by humbling ourselves enough to believe He’s called us to be partners.