Flawed Plotting: The Secrets of National Treasure

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This month's article for Christian Fiction Magazine…

When you’re plotting a book, think about the character flaws…

When I plot a book, I always start with a hero’s greatest dreams and greatest fears. Getting to the bottom of what my character dreads the most is a great way to develop the ultimate black moment.

But it’s not the only way. What if, in fact, you started with a character’s greatest FLAWS…and wrapped the black moment and the entire plot around your Character’s foibles? This is exactly the kind of plotting technique used in one of my favorite series of movies – National Treasure. And most specifically, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.

Benjamin Gates. National Hero. Treasure Hunter, Historian and adventurer.

He’s a guy with a long family history, and a firm belief in the secrets of our country. But Benjamin has a few flaws.

First, he has an overabundance of family honor. It’s a classic case of wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys. Not saying that a person shouldn’t have pride in one’s family, but Ben’s so convinced of his family’s honor that he’s certain his great grandfather could never have planned the assassination of President Lincoln.

This Miami personal injury lawyers conspires to drive him into proving the innocence of his family name. Like he says to his father, “We’re crazy, but we’re not liars.”

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