Men in Trees

Susan Just for Fun

Okay, I know that I’m partial toward stories about Alaska, and cute men, and girls out of their element, making their world work, but as soon as I saw the premier of Men in Trees (Friday nights!) with Anne Hesche (who normally I don’t love, but in this she is so cute!) I know it would be a winner.  Especailly when I saw JACK, the hero enter.  In a lightening bolt moment, I saw Mac, my hero from Expect the Sunrise, and let me tell you, it’s like watching my character come to life.  (This must be what it is like to see a book turned to a movie!)  He’s got dry humor, a scroundrel-yet-sweet smile, and the way his eyes sparkle with mischief…okay, watch the show.  And think of Mac.  It’s delightful.